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White & Gray Lidded Jar
White & Gray Lidded Jar
White & Gray Lidded Jar
White & Gray Lidded Jar

White & Gray Lidded Jar

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Wheel thrown stoneware blend canister glazed with layered mottled white and gray glazes. Ceramic lid that fits loosely on a ledge inside the jar. NOT a tight fit. 

Measures 5.5 inches tall  x 4.5 inches wide. Cork lid adds another half an inch.

Always Hand Made: All items are one-of-a-kind, and thrown by hand so so there may be slight, and beautiful, variations from piece to piece.

Why wheel-thrown? Handmade pottery is to me a testament of slow living and quality - art that can stand the test of time and be used daily. Throwing pots on the wheel is a surprisingly long and special process. Each piece begins with a humble ball of clay, which is altered and shaped while spinning on the wheel at a constant and intentional speed. After the piece has dried to the ideal leatherhard stage it's placed back on the wheel where I trim away any excess and finish the base. Every pot goes through two kiln firings - the first to reach the bisque stage and the second once it's been glazed with my handmade glazes.

Care: Dishwasher safe, although handmade ceramics will always benefit from a gentle touch.

Handmade in Hillsboro, Oregon.